Carbon dating in archaeology

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Read More Choosing a radiocarbon dating laboratory is not always easy; there are many factors to consider and often budgetary constraints to negotiate.

An important factor in decision-making is how quickly the results are reported, particularly if there are deadlines to meet.

In learning more about old wood, I learned that this problem occurs for marine archaeologist too.

If a stump from old wood is found underwater at a shipwreck for example then the archaeologist need to be aware and not use this misleading data.

In addition, carbon dating by the use of half lives could be utilized.

However, the problem that comes here is that in an arid climate some types of trees will die but will hold their position.

The lab also offers C: N, %C and %N measurements on collagen extracted from non-cremated bones in addition to δ15N and δ13C at no additional cost for samples sent for radiocarbon dating.

An example of artificial contaminates are paper and animal glue in labeling a bone.Beta Analytic uses Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology, which gives the most advanced precision and accuracy for Carbon-14 measurements.The radiocarbon dating ab is based in Miami, Florida, and is the world leader in Carbon-14 analyses since 1979.These are just two problems that carbon dating have.However, this just proves that archaeologist have to be very meticulous in their studying and analysis of material culture.

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