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Let us help you discover one of the best resorts in Russia and the popular holiday destination for the country’s new elite situated right where exceptional value meets unmatched location.

On a vast mountainside somewhere over a forest smoke can be seen rising up from the chimney of a mountain shelter.

Take advantage of perfect winter conditions for snowboarding or alpine skiing, teach your children to ski, indulge in a relaxing bath-therapy center or have a glass of warm mulled wine while enjoying live musical performances.

During the summer months, discover all the picturesque areas of the Krasnaya Polyana region on one of our jeep/equestrian or cycling tours, go trout fishing or dance the night away at the lounge bar.

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The fact that the small estate house at Yasnaya Polyana survived the 1917 revolution at all, when many other such vestiges of the previous era were being looted, is testimony both to Sofya Andreievna’s determination, and to the writer’s partial co-option by the new Communist regime (a connection symbolised by Lenin’s famous essay of 1908 that termed Tolstoy the “mirror of the Russian revolution”).

The hotel complex includes 413 spacious, amenity-rich guest rooms and 16 separate wooden villas.

There are also multiple bars and restaurants serving exquisite cuisine, the Chandelle Blanche Medi SPA and Beauty Lounge Salon offering conceptual health and beauty services, childcare services for guests with children, conference rooms, multipurpose athletic facilities, modern ski lifts, world-class ski trails.

Maybe he will spray my feet with something to protect them from the burning embers.

Perhaps this is just a visual illusion and barefoot fire dancers are like magicians pretending to cut bodies in half.

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