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I would talk about all the women I was having sex with even though I wasn't just so I could feel like I was part of the whole brotherhood. I've dated men who said, "Call me on this cell number. If you have to email me this is the address you use." In the book, you talk about the glitz and glam lifestyle that dating D. brothers in the entertainment industry afforded you. I was eating much better than before and driving Mercedes, Bentleys and BMWs.

When people asked me what I did over the weekend, I made sure that I always said "she" instead of "he." Do you think people knew anyway? I lived in fabulous houses in Beverly Hills and Baldwin Hills.

The hostess was showing me around the house and her girlfriend came up and kissed her and that's when I realized, "Oh, these people are like me." Once I got introduced to that scene, I was invited everywhere. Because of the ignorance that surrounds sexuality in the Black community, we think all gay men are going to be finger-snappin', switchin' men who wear lip gloss and want to be women—and that's just not the case. Why not simply choose to be honest about your sexual preference rather than hide it? D.: Black people are conditioned to believe that we have to work twice as hard to get ahead.

It was like a welcoming committee of down-low men saying, "Welcome to our side! " What are the tell-tale signs that men use to identify others on the down low? I didn't want my sexuality to become a reason to work three or four times harder.

When I arrived in Hollywood and looked at all the men at the top of their game, I saw that many of them were happily married or had girlfriends.

I realized that in order for me to get in that circle and move up in my career, I had to play the game.

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Like many, they were happy, and felt like they had the whole world in front of them.Have you ever suspected that there's a little more to the story about your favorite actor or studio MC?Former entertainment executive and MTV big shot Terrance Dean might confirm your suspicions in his soon-to-be bestselling book, (Atria, .00).According to reports, back in the day while Herron was married to Garland, he had an affair with Minelli’s husband at the time, Peter Allen. But I was the last one to see him before he died because we stayed friends, and that was tough.” It is also rumored that her last husband, David Gest, might be gay as well, but he has said that it’s just not true.Whatever he is, all we know is their wedding was an uncomfortable mess and the divorce was even messier.

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