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The biggest differences, and why I think this game comes out on top as the best of its genre, is because the femdom is much more "hardcore." You play a male character, a typical "hero" shota, who basically finds himself surrounded by women who have given up hope on their men to protect them from the evil "monster king" and who have been corrupted into female supremacists.The developers were really committed to this idea, as it seems every female NPC you can interact with has a low opinion of males and there are scenes your character and companions can witness of males being dominated which was a good touch.Peniban Quest: Sacrifice to Domina, while another rather standard RPG Maker game, is still one of the best games I've played ever since Monster Girl Quest some years ago.I have yet to stumble upon any other game that is femdom from beginning to end.Hearing his full fledged moans and gasps was amazing and exciting.This CD is also unique and that there's a switch on how the action plays out.All in all this CD was good and if you enjoyed the other parts in their series you'll enjoy this too.

Overall, this is REALLY one of those voice dramas where you're here for the story...If you're in the mood to be spoiled, I think a KI makes a wonderful hostess.A game which enhances on the previous titles in the circle's Magical Girl series.He mumbles to himself that he wants to "eat together" and invites you to his home where supposedly an assortment of wonderful dishes awaits you...kinda like a random dude coming up to you and asking, "Why don't you come over for dinner sometime?"...except you don't know you're the dinner...

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