Updating repository catalogue

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This beta server is not kept as upto date as the live repos but it will start you on your way.

You could also setup your own package repository which can be used by pkgng, for this you could use poudrier or tinderbox

You can now update pkgng from the remote repository database. done ************************************************************************ Remember to run mysql_upgrade (with the optional --datadir= Note: pkg install runs pkg update before attempting to install anything.

# pkg search mysql-server mysql-server-5.1.65 Multithreaded SQL database (server) mysql-server-5.0.95 Multithreaded SQL database (server) mysql-server-4.1.25 Multithreaded SQL database (server) mysql-server-5.5.27 Multithreaded SQL database (server) # pkg install mysql-server-5.5.15 Updating repository catalogue Repository catalogue is up-to-date, no need to fetch fresh copy The following packages will be installed: Installing mysql-client: 5.5.27 Installing mysql-server: 5.5.27 The installation will require 116 MB more space 10 MB to be downloaded Proceed with installing packages [y/N]: mysql-client-5.5.27100% 1493KB 1.5MB/s 1.5MB/s mysql-server-5.5.27100% 8691KB 8.5MB/s 6.5MB/s Checking integrity... done Installing mysql-server-5.5.27...=== Creating users and/or groups. As you can see pkgng will find any dependencies it needs and install them.

OPTIONS The following options are supported by pkg add: ENVIRONMENT The following environment variables affect the execution of pkg add. ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS PKG_DBDIR FILES See pkg.conf(5). SEE ALSO pkg(8), pkg-audit(8), pkg-autoremove(8), pkg-backup(8), pkg-check(8), pkg-clean(8), pkg-create(8), pkg-delete(8), pkg-fetch(8), pkg-info(8), pkg-install(8), pkg-query(8), pkg-register(8), pkg-repo(8), pkg-rquery(8), pkg-search(8), pkg-set(8), pkg-shell(8), pkg-shlib(8), pkg-stats(8), pkg-update(8), pkg-updating(8), pkg-upgrade(8), pkg-version(8), pkg-which(8), pkg.conf(5) Free BSD 10.0 June 12, 2012 Free BSD 10.0 The last man page listed above is for pkg.conf, this is the system-wide confutation file for pkgng’s pkg tools. For more information on the syntax of YAML, please visit the official YAML website –

If you want to try pkgng for yourself now you won’t be able to use the official Free BSD package mirrors, but you can use the beta package server at

To make the ports instead register with pkg you need to make an add WITH_PKGNG=yes to This is one of the reasons why you cannot use pkgng with the official mirrors yet, this package ‘repo.txz’ and therefore the file ‘repo.sqlite’ does not exist yet.

), it is in the Free BSD ports tree and you can find it under ‘ports-mgmt/pkg‘.One of the very cool features of pkgng, you can manage packages in side a jail or chroot from the host OS by providing the Jail ID (JID) or chroot path.The next thing we see are all the subcommands that we can use, including a useful ‘help’ subcommand that will quickly display the man page (if available for that command).pkg (aka pkgng) 1.0 released is a quick overview of pkgng, how to use it and some of the new features that will be available.You might find the official wiki page interesting reading if you haven’t seen it already, pkgng – Free BSD Wiki.

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