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One of the 16 channels is reserved as a 24 x 7 directory channel, which helps viewers find desired content.

The system design enabled Globosat to provide 93% of the live events to be distributed on those 15 channels.

The remaining 7% of the live content was distributed over 44 IP channels via the internet and to hybrid (IP/cable/satellite) STBs.

To make all this work required sophisticated streaming encoding.

If their favorite Olympic swimmer is scheduled to participate, they want to be able to see him or her perform in real time, no matter where the viewer is located, be it in a car, train, bus or office.

Elemental recently hosted a special event in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to highlight Globosat’s massive Olympic coverage, The network packaged and delivered a total of 60 program channels to viewers in Brazil.

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The Olympic coverage would be beamed not to just viewers’ home TV sets, but to practically every reception device imaginable, including OTA televisions, hybrid STBs cable and satellite, the internet and mobile devices. Their plans included providing not just one production feed of Olympic activities, but rather a total of 60 feeds covering every event, in real-time or on-demand.‘"Our approach was to produce 100-percent of the events live over the regular pay-TV distribution [network] along with the IP distribution as well,” Roberto Primo.Leveraging Elemental’s flexible design, engineers simply reconfigured the available bandwidth to handle the now 44 output channels. The 4K content was produced by NHK, which captured the images in full 8K.The content was then down converted to 4K and handed off to NBC, which forwarded the feed to Globosat.Also it is number one in fixed broadband with 8 million customers.The company also serves 54 million mobile customers.

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